Friday, November 2, 2012

True love is like beer: It should come free and on demand!

Realistically, beer is actually preferred over love, and I am about to explain to you why.

Seeing as I have a blog filled with my scandalous mug collection and over zealousness of free things via whatever means possible..  you might find that hard to believe - I have been overly controlled by my uterus as of late, and I think we both know what that leads to... thinking about life and emotions.. and love.

So I was thinking of all the things that make dating difficult.  I don't mean why women are difficult to date in general, I mean why dating for me is particularly move difficult than for other uterus owners.  Yes ok, another post about love, but clearly you write about what is on your mind, and as a 25 year old woman controlled by her hormones, love is on the menu.

So let's break this down.  Love versus Beer.

Love you have to find, it has to be compatible.  You have to have similar interests, similar ideals, physical time together.  Beer only requires physical time together.  You sit with a bottle of beer, and you share something.  You are not required to then buy the beer a gift to thank it for listening to you, or cuddle it for some unknown amount of time to express your gratitude.

I don't know about the rest of you, but some human connection to me is just a myth.  You sit down with your other half, you look into their eyes, and you understand.  How?!  How do you understand something they haven't said.  Sometimes, I fear to say, I don't even understand what they actually express into words, let alone expression via insight into their soul.  Beer just sits there, it lets you do the connecting, at your own speed.  And when you don't understand, beer doesn't storm off and say 'if you loved me, you'd know'.

Opening up.  Your relationship requires you to be open about your feelings, to be OK crying in front of a witness.  In fact, the more you tell about your emotions and the more you cry, the more they seem to attest to your love for them.  Beer doesn't ask you to open up, it allows you to open up.  Just look at the Irish, they mostly just cry into their beer and no one chastises them for it..  But the rest of us are scolded for our lack of real life connection.

I'm pretty sure that makes the score Beer 3 - Love 0.

I envy those who understand people enough to make these connections that I so deeply wish I had.  However, until then, I am stuck wooing a beer into telling me it's deepest secrets.

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